Kadir Aydın, the founder of our company in 2004, started to work in a company in Osmanbey district of Istanbul, the heart of fashion and evening dress trade, when he was only 15 years old. worked in the departments. He quit his job in 2009 to fulfill his military duty. On his return from duty in 2011, he wanted to establish his own name and brand and on March 1, 2011, he established Liva Silk company in Osmanbey, which is the heart of textile, and started trading with a core staff within his own body. In 2012, we opened our current showroom store, and still, with our warehouses and other departments, this is the center, we serve our valued fashion-loving customers with taste in design. Our company is mainly export-oriented and has enough experience and knowledge in these kinds of demands, wholesale and minimal. It does wholesale and retail sales by responding to all kinds of orders. We have a name in the market with the supply we make to various Turkish and World brands, the design that shapes the fashion, and the work we do with Desinger Lar. In this century, where knowledge and technology are valuable and should be integrated in companies, we also use this system with domestic production and imported fabric types. We have created it within our own structure. Special production and dyeing services on a wholesale basis, special dyeing and productions in the form of a minimum of 100 meters for boutiques, silk, cotton, viscose, jacquard, brocade French lace and Italian fabrics are still available both in Turkey and in the world, both in retail and wholesale. Although it is not widely spread, we are operating to serve our customers with great devotion and continuous innovation in order to make the name Liva Silk a world and Turkish brand with online fabric sales. Do not forget… “The Place Where Fabric Meets Art; Liva Silk”